Solanin Review


Under the guise of postmodern human life lays a undisputed mystery, searching for an undiluted answer to living the good life. This would be the purpose one has to endure to escape out of adolescent life and try to cultivate under harsh conditions of the financial needs of surviving in the adult world. Do I stick with the status quo and live a stable life with hardly any trouble despite the boredom that goes with it? Or try to luck out by giving a big middle finger to it and indulge myself into in a lifestyle that will practically make life difficult but will make my experiences more interesting? Welcome to the stage of young adulthood. Continue reading

Spice and Wolf Season 2 Review


Continuing a beloved series and making it greater or just as great can be a challenging task to take. This is not much of a problem for anime that are step-by-step adaptations of any type of original source medium. Spice and Wolf, if you don’t know, is one series that won me over from the previous season. Likewise, I was hoping that this 2nd season would have the same positive impact that the 1st season did for me. While it is not better than the first season in many aspects, it definitely possessed the same fascinating qualities that the 1st season had, with a few improvements to the original. Continue reading

No Game No Life Review


Flourishing aesthetics come a long way in holding a show up from just being average or forgettable. Sometimes loving a show just for its high energetic personality can be a blessing and a curse. Then again, it all comes down to the show’s purposeful existence to help distinguish how it should be viewed. Whether it wants to be a fun and stupid show with the only intention of being provocative, or a thought-provoking show with a deep narrative. Now that shouldn’t be said to excuse it fully on the numerous faults it might have, but with a show like No Game No Life, it is one of the instances where you can’t help but admire its silliness. Continue reading

Berserk Review


Epic storytelling comes in different forms to guarantee that it can achieve its goal of telling an intriguing story filled with plenty of mythology around it. In the realm of high fantasy, there are enough to go around these days. However, it does not happen often to come across a series that wants to create an intriguing tragic tale of betrayal and fate, but also tries to appeal to the action crowd with blood inducing carnage. In which case, Berserk fits perfectly with this description in with good precision. Continue reading

Aria the Origination Review


All things eventually have to come to an end, especially with series that have left a mark on many people. One series that has cemented itself as the king of accomplishing this for many is the Aria series. What many consider to be the series’s magnum opus, Aria the Origination, is the last chapter in the anime adaptation of the beloved manga. As you might figure out, it is just about as glamoured with gorgeous music, cheerful characters, and  melodramatic optimism as one can handle. Despite all of the beautiful aspects of this show, and the series as a whole, there’s still that one question that has always bugged me with each season: Why am I not smiling? Continue reading