Barakamon Review


Never has there been as many instances where an anime was successful in showing nostalgic sentimentality with regards to making us feel homely inside. This once in a blue moon example, that is boasted with sentimentality, shows some of the strangest goofy humor that wouldn’t normally be in a show like Barakamon. Yet, like all surprising gems, what Barakamon does is not simply retread the slice of life with a different style to make it seem different; but instead, breathes all new life with that different style and makes it its own unique identity.

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Death Note Review


We always have this inkling feeling that we can change human nature for the better. That change would be to wipe off all scum and villainy off the face of the earth to ensure that we can protect the ones we love and make the world a better place. Idealistic angst plays a role into it, which fits perfectly with Death Note’s theme. The theme can be characterized in a famous Nietzsche quote: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” Continue reading

Fate Zero Series Review


Tyrannical power and glory are two things which define a sovereign ruler with an iron fist. Many mythologies have been interpreted to fit these notions into their stories to create a different understanding of them. A series which has been long regarded with acclaim by many die-hard enthusiasts, is the Fate series. Starting off as a visual novel series, it eventually shifted its form to animation with very mediocre responses to from general public. It was then that a man named Gen Urobuchi decided to make a prequel light novel series called Fate Zero, and thus a legendary phenomenon was born in animation form four years later. Continue reading

Hidan no Aria Review

Putting any kind of gimmick into your average action show with romantic comedy has been a staple of tradition for quite some time. Some succeed, and some don’t. Which, in most cases, don’t work because of the fact that it is nothing more than gimmick in hindsight. So what better way than to plaster guns into your generic romantic comedy in the title and artwork and pray that action fanatics might have some slight interest. Look no further than Aria the Scarlett, or Hidan no Aria as I prefer to call it, to fill in another entry in the bad category. Continue reading

Pupa Review



You ever feel that itch in the rims of your ass crack that happens when you don’t wipe long enough? If there was ever an anime to signify that horrific itchy feeling in the most monstrous example of that region, Pupa would no doubt fit that description. Continue reading