Kill La Kill Review


It’s not often I come across shows that I would consider an “instant classic,” a term that is often thrown out by a lot of movie critics. There have been a lot of anime classics in recent memory that have proved to be worthy of the spotlight and has garnered intense admiration from both casual and hardcore fans. However, these past couple years have proved that the ones that do get a great deal of hype and attention during its inception are looked at with mostly skepticism as to whether they deserved all of it to begin with. Then in the year 2013 , out comes a show named Kill La Kill. A show that had the same extraordinary exposure that not only justified its own hype, but managed to break the mold for current trends that will make it unforgettable for years on end. Continue reading

Super Sonico The Animation Review


What do you usually get out of something that is inherently a marketing ploy, for an animation studio no less, for an anime? For the vast majority of people, they don’t really think of it that much and just go with the flow while they’re getting suckered into the gimmick. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all. When the marketing has something to show for it with lots of fun creativity mixed in to make the experience worthwhile to go through, it can be conceived as quality entertainment for the masses. Now take most of those qualities away that make the show quality entertainment and you have Super Sonico the Animation. Continue reading

Log Horizon Review



There is a demographic of people who love to dabble in the virtual world of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO) to achieve escapism from stress and other struggles that plague their nature. Recently, there has been somewhat of a resurgence of interest for anime fans to watch shows that detail the life of gamers who play these sorts of games, with Sword Art Online being the forefront of it. Asking questions that detail whether the virtual world could become more real to us than what we originally thought of as real from when we were born should be the main theme for these shows to explore and bring a fresh new take on it. It’s just too bad that none of these shows in question ever bothered to in the first place and become generic as a result.

Continue reading

Kaiba Review


Where there is a body, there is a mind. A mind that is unquestionably a part of us and remains to be this way until our eventual passing. Throughout the centuries of philosophy and science, it is one of the most utterly fascinating aspects of human existence that has yet to be explored fully. There have been many stories that have delved into the realm of consciousness as a main plot device from the mid-20th century science fiction authors, and anime has had its fair share of shows that are akin to this. One of which is Kaiba, a fascinating trip that shows no boundaries of animation and how it can use different styles in anime that have largely been redundant at the time. Continue reading