Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Review

What happens when you mix the greatness of H.P. Lovecraft and the greed of corporate execs trying to make a quick buck on Moe? Total nonsensical fun that’s what!

There’s really not much to say about the great cultural phenomenon that is Haiyore! Nyaruko-san and its sequel other than the fact that it’s otaku pandering at it’s most masochistic. One way to describe the show in one word is “references” and oh boy are there plenty of them in the next installment. It’s important to realize though that the show is first and foremost a satire of otaku culture and decides to put Lovecraft’s lore into it to make it seem more like it has a different lore like all other shows like it. Thankfully with all of this in mind, the show isn’t as terrible or pandering as many claim it to be.

Again the comedy of Haiyore is mostly carried with satire and parodies to other anime. This time in the 2nd season it seems to be focusing a lot more on mecha anime than anything else; there’s even a reference to Cast Away with the volleyball Wilson in the background during a beach episode. With that said, if you know nothing about anything related to otaku culture all of the jokes will just fly over your head and your only way of entertainment is watching cute girls – and boys – fall for this tsundere protagonist. The commendable effort put into the voice actors should definitely be mentioned when talking about Haiyore because all of them do a nice job at putting all their talent to their characters. The one that is obviously the most honorable is Kana Asumi voicing Nyaruko who has this really great vocal range of being incredible zany and mischief that really shines with the character. Miyu Matsuka, who voices Cthuko, has quite an attractive voice that fits nicely to Cthuko’s fiery passion. The rest of the cast are good but aren’t really worth mentioning, although it’s amusing to hear Eri Kitamura voicing a boy since we hardly ever hear her in those roles.

All of the characters are eccentric and over the top to fit with the plots primary premise, which is already dumb and silly to begin with. The sad thing is there are actual serious moments occasionally throughout that aren’t very well done when it has really sloppy pacing from going between two different kinds of tone to a show. However when Haiyore does get into comedy, it does it’s job relatively well, albeit not spectacular in any way. It goes for the hyper-real route where the humor is very spastic and eccentric with how characters speak and how the animation is coordinated with each loose frame after another. If you despise fast paced comedy with a passion this will most likely rub you the wrong way.

As mentioned earlier, the art and animation is rather hard to look at in places. The character designs look average at best and the movements aren’t very fluid and they are mostly stagnant. With the budget that they had to live with making this it definitely shows the amount of things they wanted to do and I have to give credit where credit is due.

There’s really not much to talk about with regards to Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W other than it’s just a continuation of the 1st season with nothing different between each other. Granted there is some minor development with Mahiro and the rest of the leads now that he has grown with them for this long but again if you never cared or liked the 1st season, you’ll more likely just find some other show to have fun with. At the very least, Haiyore is harmless fun and that at most should be given a passable score for better or for worse.



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