For The Future Of Blogging For Me….

It’s strange how you make a blog three months ago and you’re already wiped out of making any more reviews afterwards. I just want to make an important announcement for my friends and people who blog as well in saying that I might have to focus on anime more than anything else that way I can focus on less things so I can live a less stressful life. I realize that I have a more important life that must focus on my school and other things that come up. I can’t work as confident as most people that do this on a weekly basis because of the way I am in terms of going through stress and anxiety. The reason album reviews were put in was so that I could make the blog more active than just anime reviews that only come and go week on and off. But now I feel more at ease just focusing on one thing than a multiple of things so I can focus more on my other activities. I hope everyone can understand that I’m not thinking of not blogging anytime soon, but I just want to make sure I make everything clear to the people who follow my blog. The Blog will live on, but on short bursts for now on. Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “For The Future Of Blogging For Me….

  1. darkness447

    Enjoy what you want to do. Never think that blogging should ever become a hassle in your life. It’s just a fun hobby that you have but never let it become a burden that you can’t hold!

    1. drgonzo7 Post author

      I wouldn’t say it was a hassle but it’s just other things that are going on that I needed to take some weight off my chest. Rest assured all anime reviews won’t just be current shows that only be posted every two months.


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