School’s in Session!

Well it’s that time of year when college students begin their Fall semester, including myself. With that said, will there be less reviews in the following months until December? This will be most likely the case seeing how I typically get overwhelmed with schoolwork and deadlines for tests here and there. Just so we’re clear, the times when I have school are Late August to Early December for the fall and Early January to Early May for spring, so that everyone will know when I generally have school to go to. There are times when I need to go to school for the Summer, but those are generally less work since you could at least do one class if you wanted to. So this is just a heads up announcement so that my readers will be informed about the following months not being loaded with new reviews as much. Who knows, there might not be that many new schoolwork in this semester but that is less likely the case. Regardless, hope everyone is ready for school to start and good luck!


2 thoughts on “School’s in Session!

  1. nil

    Real life sucks. :( I’m graduating this year and it’s going to be terrible managing applications, GRE tests, and research, all while trying to inch out some chinese cartoons on the wee hours. Nonetheless, good luck for the new semester. On the bright side, new semesters also means new anime titles to follow!

    1. drgonzo7 Post author

      Indeed it does, at least the working world is. Thanks and I hope to see more great shows in the coming seasons as well!


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