Sekai de Ichiban Review

There’s something about women wrestling with really tight spandex outfits and very well-rounded breasts that definitely speaks to me as a man with acquired taste. So naturally something like Sekai de Ichiban enticed me to have a go at it in the hopes of it being a fun fan-service show that might prove itself worthy of at least providing some entertainment. Then once the last episode was over and all of the thoughts started to get into my head, I couldn’t help but noticed that not only was the story a bore but even the fan-service suffered the same fate.

Starting with the story first, it’s generally your typical story about a character who wants to prove herself worthy of joining a particular organization that she isn’t very familiar with other than Idol work, which is wrestling. Sakura development into gaining momentum to conquer her fears and weaknesses into pro wrestling is admirable in how the story paces all of it not so fast-paced as I originally expected it to be. But what keeps it from being a brilliant paced story is just how absolutely tedious and uneventful it comes across once she reaches to that certain point where she finally does get better at it. It takes almost four episodes for her to actually get there and from the middle point they do the same repetitive wrestling match the whole way through. In the end it becomes a predictable outcome and because of this, it isn’t fulfilling to finally see her developed in the end despite its general intentions.


The rest of the story after that plot arc follows different types of characters, all of which aren’t very well-rounded characterization-wise, not oppai size. The mature wrestling champion Jackal has some fair amount of back-story to her but it’s not long until she’s shoved off the wrestling spotlight only to wrestle a couple of times and to appear only near the end. One character that does have some sense of this is Moe Fukuoka who does actually have a better paced plot arc than the main character Sakura in how she had this itching to get into wrestling because of Sakura’s influence. But it’s not long after that until we finally come to the stupidest part of the whole show where we finally get to see Sakura’s long-time idol partner comes to the ring. What makes it stupid is just how she’s all of a sudden this professional wrestler in what felt like a day or two ago after she decides to go into pro wrestling. Either that or the writers just wrote themselves into a corner and fake out by making it a week without any context to it; that or they were just lazy as hell.

But for the one thing that everyone watches this show in the first place is the fan service and to gaze upon the great art designs of these voluptuous women. Sadly, even by fan service standards, there’s really not much in terms quality fan service to behold in this show. I guess the one thing to mention on why it’s bad is just how overly repetitive it is and how confusing of interpreting how I’m supposed to be turned on by it. Almost 90% of the fan service here is just the wrestling moves that the girls do to each other with the camera going up-close to their crotch and breasts most of the time; it nearly almost goes on for 5 minutes straight in several cases. Not only does it loses its momentum of being fun and just being dull after a while but it also has a huge disconnect on what I’m supposed to be turned on about. Am I supposed to be turned on by the fact that her tight cooch is right up on my face or because she’s screaming in pain so loudly that it almost makes my ears bleed after hearing it for almost 15 minutes of running time? And I’m not kidding, the vast majority of the dialogue in the show is “itai” or “it hurts” and every single time they do I almost lose it over frustration and annoyance.

This is pretty much all you’ll be hearing in all of the wrestling scenes…

For the actual wrestling portion of the show, it definitely overshadows the ecchi aspect of the show in a way that they do put some prominence to the actual wrestling techniques that are present. On paper this could be good but in reality it suffers from the fact that it is honestly such a dull experience to go through since the only kind of moves that the girls even do are to hold the opponents legs or any of their limps and pull them until they give up. It’s obvious the animators only wanted to do this not just because viewers can see their sexy bodies better but because it’s easier to animate. Truth be told, the animation is quite lackluster compared to the fine artwork so they don’t really have the girls do any other moves other than the occasional pile-driver. Almost 75% of the moves are just the holding positions and we have to always wait until the girl reaches for the rope only to have been in the same position again. Seriously,  TNA would look at this and even they would probably call it boring.

To cast Ayana Taketatsu as the main lead may have been a blessing and a curse. Though she’s definitely a competent voice actress in her own right, I don’t think she was fit to be a role like this especially since her constant screaming in pain doesn’t help her in any way to this negative. The rest of the cast are generally good but there aren’t very many standouts, with maybe the exception of Haruka Tomatsu as Rio but that’s just because her tough-girl acting always makes my fantasies go wild. The music performances that were provided for the opening and ending are nothing short of awful and uninspired. Very bland electronic beats that lack of any unique hooks in the opening while the ED suffers from just being a generic J-Pop song with a pretty mediocre chorus.

Though this show might actually ask the age-old question that the pro wrestling is fake and that it is indeed real, that doesn’t make this show any better to sit through. Once your fan service show lacks creative fan service to support its mediocre story, you might want to go back and think things through to make your audience actually care for what’s going on in the show. I’m all for a good wrestling anime show because we definitely don’t get a lot of those in recent years but this attempt was less than stellar. Although, if there’s something that both detractors and supporters of Sekai de Ichiban can all agree on, it at least shows a lot more wrestling than anything that RAW puts out these days. Sadly.

Grade: D+


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