New Year Resolutions!

ibkMWIoB7Bxl9THope everyone who follows my blogs had a wonderful 2013 and have an even better new year with 2014! It has been a very fulfilling year for me, ever since I started this blog to review anime shows. Now, after contemplating about this for a while, I think it’s time that we add something new into the mixture: Manga Reviews. I’ve been wanting to get into manga reviews sometime and now I think is the perfect time to settle in occasional manga reviewing to expand Experimental Gonzo Art’s horizon. Also, I’m planning on making a best/worst of 2013 soon once I have things set up to determine it. Details about how it will be set up will be noted on the lists themselves. Then we’ll do my annual Top 10 Cutest girls of 2013! It’ll be only for girls that have not been in any existing show in the past, so only new ones this time around. But anyways, just cuddle with your loved ones, 2D or 3D, and enjoy the time while you can until school/work starts up again!


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