Top Ten Cutest Girls of 2013!

Attraction is a truly strange thing to experience and it’s almost impossible to describe how it happens other than the materialistic explanation of it being chemicals in the brain that trigger this. This does hold a lot of water considering how even some people fall in love with animated characters even though they don’t exist. For me, I do appreciate the artistic aesthetic beauty of girls of all ages and have now started to take this into consideration when judging the merit of the overall year in anime. That is why I’ll be making my Top 10 Cutest Girls of this year for all of your pleasure; girls being ones that have not ever been in any show in the past, just new ones that are now fresh and new to the public eye.

10. Kurosagi

Kuro_Black_RabbitThis is one of those moments in my life that I find a girl with a very prominent characteristic to her that is sadly not represented as much as it should: Bunny girls. With the Neko girls becoming somewhat of a one trick pony back in the good old 2000s, bunny girls need to be more prominent in anime and Kurousagi is but one prime example of this archetype that has the potential of being even cuter than she is. A little bonus is the voice acting of Iori Nomizu and how she emotes Kurosagi whenever she’s teased sexually, of course given how she voiced the glorious Nymph-chan you’d expect her to be nothing but amazing. How that will ever be possible will be a mystery but suffice to say Kurousagi is definitely cute as buttons and it would be criminally insane to not have to urge to pet her cute bunny tail.

9. Emi Yusa

16391-460500820Who’s to say that tough girls can’t have their cute side? Emi Yusa definitely has this aspect to her that enforces her strong charismatic personality while still regaining the same amount of cuteness and hilarious faces she produces like the one above. Yoko Hikasa did an outstanding job with Emi in giving her gorgeous voice the effect it needed to emphasize her kawaii potential.

8. Xenovia

dxd-xenovia-1Some people say sexy and cute are two completely different things. For me, they coincide in many ways due to the personality of the character and how good they’re bodies look that compliments it. Xenovia owns this in her debut that definitely catapulted the show’s ecchi-ness with her gorgeous physique and her cute attempts at trying to fit in with human life. Such as wanting to have a baby with Issei. Um, can I volunteer?

7. Chiho Sasaki

637059-hataraku_maou_sama___02___large_23Along with our lovely lady Emi, out comes an even adorable high schooler named Chiho Sasaki who’s just an average normal girl trying to tough it out in the good old-fashioned minimum wage workplace. It’s not just the fact that she’s voiced by the always adorable Nao Touyama that makes her cute, it’s….well okay that’s mostly the reason, but the dialogue writing that the writers give to Chiho makes her cuteness and the comedy so much more enjoyable from her written personality. It also helps that she has bigger oppai than Emi which spawns into a hilarious pool episode.

6. Yaya

Unbreakable Machine-Doll - 01 - Large 03God knows we need more perverted girl characters like Yaya to lift everyone’s spirits up. I think what elevates Yaya from being your standard cute girl, a perverted one no less, is the voice acting Hitomi Harada. She gives the character the much-needed charm and charisma that the show desperately needed to put a smile on your face from her hilarious and cute antics of wanting to get into Rashin’s pants. It’s one of the many examples that point out that the physique of a girl doesn’t necessarily has to be important in determining the cuteness of a girl.

5. Hajime Ichinose

9390887699_b380a04dc5There is a lot of people who hate Hajime with a fiery passion, for reasons I can only guess come from pure psychotic mania, as I’ve said before. Her charismatic personality that precedes pure optimism and joy despite any conflict is something that is very alluring and adorable just from her energetic nature. She’s one of those girls that you’d love to be friends with rather than being in a relationship though, but that shouldn’t ever demean her archetype any further.

4. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi 256146 sampleI knew from the very second that I saw Tsukiko on the cover of the anime poster that I would love her from her design, that and being voiced by Yui Ogura certainly helps. What does keep her from being number one is the fact that I wish I could’ve seen her with more emotion even though that’s just how the plot was written in the first place. When we do see her in the moments before her emotions are wiped away, the heart-strings start pulling so tight that it would cause any man to have major blood loss in mere seconds. However, her unemotional demeanor has its many fair share of adorable moments especially with how she emotes jealousy, happiness, and embarrassment mostly through body language.

3. Tohka Yatogami

Tohka-Yatogami-tohka-yatogami-date-a-live-34807189-853-480Oh man was this show beyond stupid and all over the place, but if there was one thing that I would call perfect in this show it would definitely be Tohka-chan. So cute that I can’t ever pronounce her name without the -chan near the end. Thanks to Marina Inoue’s adorable high-pitched voice, her dere dere demeanor makes her all the more special than most of the girls in this show. No doubt a fitting girl to be your wife that you’d just want to pet her head every time she begs for one. She also gets a major plus from me from the fact that she loves to eat so much food, I mean we need more girls out there that are willing to gorge on food with ease without having to worry about getting fat.

2. Azuki Azusa

JbI2cYzIf you ever told me that Akuki Azusa would be my favorite girl in Hentai Ouji before I watched it, I wouldn’t ever have believed you for as long as I lived. Yet, there’s something about Azuki that speaks pure kawaii bliss whenever she’s on-screen. Is it because of Kaori’s absolutely beautiful, energetic voice? Is it because Azuki is ingeniously like a puppy dog while Tsukiko is more of a quiet kitten, even though I myself prefer cats? One way or the other, her attempts at being tsundere surprisingly don’t come off as generic thanks to her vibrant prescence in every scene she’s in. And that bikini man, good lord do they make me come closer to becoming a flat chest lover. Speaking of bikini…

1. Amy

suisei_no_gargantia-06-amy-smile-warm-friendly-caring-compassionate-colorfulYep, I’m sure most of my friends predicted that this girl would be on my number one: Amy. What can I really say about her that almost made her my number one 2D wife replacing Yuki-chan, which eventually made me come to the realization that harem romance is always the way to go? It all came down to personality to which Amy has a ton of and only furthered the spirited joyful aura around her that catches my attention. At first it was just a simple crush in the beginning, until those fan service hit and all of a sudden this wave of blissful love, warmth, and tenderness hit me like a train into my chest. The dancing scene alone with the northern sky behind her just cemented my continuous love for Amy and her absolutely gorgeous body. It’s also very interesting how Yuki-chan and Amy are both voiced by Hisako Kanemoto who undoubtedly has a very down-to-earth voice, it’s just too bad that her talent has only downgraded to such garbage like Koutora-san. It’s absolutely shameful that the creators decided to throw her away at the 2nd half of Gargantia because there was so much more potential for her to grow and prosper more, but we’ll just have to wait and see when the 2nd incarnation of the series will entail. Hopefully without Urobuchi fucking it up.

Honorable Mentions: Fuyumi Yanagi, Utsu-tsu, Furano Yukihira, Origami,  Suzuno Kamazuki, and all the girls from GJ-Bu.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Cutest Girls of 2013!

  1. Aleksei Edison

    Attraction truly is a strange thing, Gonzo.

    Glad to see you’re having fun, rating girls isn’t a numbers game; it’s about the raw emotion you feel when a girl just fits right in to your aesthetic taste, and you seem to nail it. You may get teased or made a punchline of for it, but it stands to say that I envy the simplistic and harmonious way you take these posts too.

    It really takes me back to the days whenI was younger, happier, and far less cynical, hahahaha.

    Shine on, you crazy star, everyone knows the world would just that more dull without you.


    1. drgonzo7 Post author

      Thanks man! Everyone has to have fun in order to live, so I just provide the fun to cheer up from being cynical and depressed all the time. :P


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