11th Cutest Girl of 2013

In an effort to post a somewhat apology for ever leaving a girl out of the list out of pure forgetfulness, I present to you the 11th cutest girl of 2013! She’s quite the beauty too!

11. Kate Takayama – Boku wa Tomodachi NextEven though we had the cute nun Maria into the mix of Tomodachi’s cast of characters, who can be a mixed bag for me personally speaking, it wasn’t until the presence of her big Sister Kate that solidified her rightful existence for bringing Kate into the show alone. While there may be some clear connections to Sena from her gorgeous design, that still shouldn’t hamper down Kate any further from mere unoriginality alone. After all, how many girls out there in the world have the urge to burp and fart in public, do it for laughs, and don’t feel embarrassed about it? Not enough, that’s for damn sure.


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