It’s Spring Break!


Well, it’s that time of the year where the flowers start to bloom and the girls start to put on their luscious bikinis to flaunt their bodies for the start of fun and excitement for the Winter season ending. That is to say, it seems like it is but for some reason here where I live in the States we’re still experiencing some snow here and there which still boggles my mind. But anyhow, I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying life with some of us, like me, who are starting to have Spring Break! That’s right, and how will I celebrate this week? By writing new stuff for the blog all alone in my room because I have nothing better to do! I say this because we’re approaching the end of the Winter 2014 shows, such as Kill La Kill and Log Horizon, coming to a close. Expect to see reviews for both of these popular shows sometime this week once I get to them!

I know I haven’t been posting a lot of these “announcements” for a while but it’s been quite busy for these past couple of months, but I’m still keeping the ecchi and lewdness strong for my fans and friends who frequent this site. Also, there’s a slight possibility for an old show review next week as well. Could it be the 2nd season of Black Lagoon that I reviewed before? You’ll never know until that comes around. In the meantime, be careful out there and let us prepare for Spring 2014!


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