One Year Anniversary!

Now here’s something that I never would’ve thought I would write about since I started this blog. And to think it was all based on just some dare that I made with some people I know who said that it would be a great idea to make one and to be a “full-time critic”, what ever that might mean to people. Did I ever wanted this to take off anywhere? Definitely not, I only wanted to make this to express myself and better myself as a writer, as you can clearly see from the evolution of my earlier reviews to my recent ones. Not to say that this blog is one of the most popular anime blogs ever, which in-of-itself doesn’t hold much since anime blogging is dying as of late. Nevertheless I still enjoy doing what I’m doing and I always love it when people are reading them and leaving comments. I hope to make people have a distinct look on a medium that has been a lack of a down-to-earth critic who has no ill-will for any trope or cliche that he sees as offensive or too non-western for his taste. So here’s hoping for a good next four years so I can make this into a five-year anniversary for this blog!

– Le Gonzo


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