New Year Resolutions for 2015!


It is now the turning point of the new year that is 2015. Already there have been some ideas that have been floating in my head about what I am to do with this blog in order to improve the flow of writings through the course  of the coming years. I have done the mistake of not coming in with a plan in mind to continue my anime writing. I was originally going to start out some editorials this year, but that didn’t pan out as much as I hoped it would. This was due to the fact that, not only was I trying to write reviews for new anime but old anime as well.

Well, it’s about time I put that to rest.

For now on, I will only review new anime whenever they end and in-between I’ll finally start writing editorials on various topics in anime, games, critical writing, and other social topics relating to them. This will give me the full opportunity to start branching out into different kinds of writing to expand my horizons. Because a blog that writes nothing but review after review? That can be quite boring after a while. Now, I’m not saying I’ll never ever write an old anime review. Only in those occasions in the month where I think it’s appropriate.

Nevertheless, hope everyone had a great year this year and hope that 2015 will be an even greater one! There are still four more reviews to do this week and now do my annual Best/Worst of list! And also my ever-so-popular Cutest Girls of list. Stay Tuned~


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