Worst Anime of 2014!

Ready or not, here comes the worst of the worst. Not much to say in how bad these anime are, keep this in mind.

Worst Art


Winner: Pupa

What else could you ever hope for in a three minute length episode that clearly couldn’t hold the budget long enough for them to release this trash? Not much I’m guessing.

Runner Up: Date A Live 2

I only put this on here because I feel as though it was a severe downgrade to the prequel’s art direction, which was one of the strengths in Date a Live. Back then the girls looked shiny and all eye candy, but here they look rather stiff and transparent based on the horrible lighting.

Worst Animation

pupa-episode-1-pic-1Winner: Pupa

Same reasons as before in the Art section pretty much…

Runner Up: Glasslip

I realize that slice of life don’t need to have amazing animation, but even so, a lot of times there are many shots where the animation takes a nose dive. As if the budget wasn’t there at that particular episode and they just had to work out to the best of their ability.

Worst Male Character


Winner: Kouichi Madanbashi – Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

When you talk about ecchi main leads that are unlikable to every bit of their foundation, Kouichi needs to be the benchmark that settles the bare minimum in terms of quality. Dealing with perverted behavior has to at least have some form of charm or wit in a pervert character’s personality. Unfortunately, none of that can be found in this unlikable douche.

Runner Up: Tatsuya Shiba – Makouka Koukou no Rettousei

Okay, I’m fine if a character doesn’t have any flaws within his character. But that cannot somehow excuse one to not be this dreadfully dull and predictable. Tatsuya is nothing more than redundancy pulled up over and over again with every single fight he always puts up with. I’d at least take more Onii-sama than him since it’s Saori Hayami.

Honorable Mention: (Rentarou Satomi, Ken Kaneki, Sora, Hikari Sakishima)

Worst Female Character

imocho episode 2 subtitle indonesia

Winner: Hiyori – Saikin, Imouto no Yousou ga Chotto Okashiinda Ga.

Oh Yui Ogura-chan, how could you ever agree to voice this despicable character with your sweet angelic voice!? I’d put this as a very disappointing character compared to how fun she seemed in the manga. Here in the anime adaptation, it seemed as though they wanted to make Hiyori very mean-spirited to…..be different? Definitely the worst design choice.

Runner Up: Shiro – No Game No Life

I’m sorry, I know I will get some hate for this, but really? This is the girl that everyone apparently loves in this show? For one, this is just Mashiro, from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, 2.0 with hardly any new features to her. Along with what I didn’t like about her brother, Sora, she is nothing but bland and monotonous to see on-screen. All I think of is, “Please bring me Steph-chan to save this show!”

Honorable Mentions: (Sinon, Chisaki Hiradaira, Manaka Mukaido, Akame)

Worst Sequel


 Winner: Psycho Pass 2

Psycho Pass was a fine guilty pleasure for me, however with this next iteration, it was almost as if they made a filler sequel with nothing to add to the world. Hell, they even brought back Shinya as a ghostly iteration of Akane’s psyche just so they could appease the fangirls. Almost laughable by the end.

Runner Up: Date a Live 2

It’s really only worst because it has less of the humor of the prequel. Less cute girls, namely Tohka, doing cute things and more forced drama shoved down our throats equals sleep inducing.

Worst Cast of Characters


Winner: Glasslip

……I have no idea what this shit was supposed to be.

Runner Up: Super Sonico the Animation

Just about the most lifeless cast you could ever find. It’s amazing how the creators managed to make boobies such a focal point that it fades the entire existence of everything around them.

Honorable Mentions: (Girlfriend)

Worst Story


Winner: Mahou Sensou

Worst ending ever, am I right? Paced itself far too sporadically. Barely has any compelling characters to even give a time a day for. It’s the most general example of how to fuck up a story royally.

Runner Up: DRAMAtical Murder

Apparently pacing isn’t something that this little yaoi-esque show knows a lot about.

Honorable Mentions: (Buddy Complex, Sword Art Online II, Glasslip, Momo Kyun Sword, Tokyo Ravens)

Worst Action Show


Winner: Mahou Sensou

Shallow fights mixed in with sub-par animation. Not necessarily the worst, but most action can only be critiqued by how boring they are.

Runner Up: Kenzen Robo Daimidar

Honorable Mentions: (Black Bullet, Tokyo Ravens, Buddy Complex)

Worst Comedy


Winner: Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

Penguin’s with huge boners, sure. That may earn a chuckle at first, but after the 10th time it gets tiresome really quick.

Runner Up: Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

Less funny and more depressing to go through Mitsuki’s torture under Hiyori’s whims.

Honorable Mentions: (Date a Live 2, Free! Eternal Summer, Hitsugi no Chaika)

Worst Slice of Life


Winner: Glasslip

…….again, what was the point of this show’s existence?

Runner up: N/A

Worst Ecchi


Winner: Momo Kyun Sword

I base around the worst ecchi on how hot the perverted elements were, so it’s a shock that Momo Kyun Sword didn’t make my lewdness bone any bigger. It has blushing skin, which is one of my hugest kinks, but due to the less than stellar art direction, the show really doesn’t up to it’s infamous screenshots that would say otherwise.

Runner Up: Kenzen Robo Daimidar

Like I said before, always have a perverted protagonist charmful. Not an abusive douche who would be curb-stomped for being too forceful on a girl.

Honorable Mentions: (Blade & Soul, Saikin Imouto no Yousou)

Worst Anime of the Year


Winner: Pupa

Weird that you’d think that this would be the top spot considering it only won two categories and lesser than the other main ones. I’d call this the worse just from how structurally broken it is. One that made me feel empty and depressed by how low the studio sunk in to spit the project on the face and just put it up unfinished. This will be known as a cautionary tale for many people who want to get into the business and realize how important it is to an anime when the finances that sink into it start to fade away.

Runner Up: Kenzen Robo Daimidar

This made me sick to my stomach for a different reason than Pupa. Sick in how upsetting the characters are and their lack of any humanity to their actions. Whatever theme that were trying to put into a show that they honestly tried to put up as serious seriously blows away to obscurity from the really weak gimmick of touching breasts to gain your powers. Highschool DxD anyone? At least you can see actual boobs and butts in full glory.

Honorable Mentions: (Glasslip, Saikin, Mahou Sensou, Z/X Ignition)

Now that my Best/Worst are done, now for the crowning jewel you’ve all been waiting for. Cutest Girls of 2014 coming up tomorrow! Be prepared!


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