Top 10 Cutest Girls of 2014!

No matter what year, cute girls will never be of a low abundance. They are of an infinite plateau that will be transgressed into our everyday culture, not just in anime. So without further ado, let us go through these lovely ladies and see who reigns supreme as the one true cutie queen of 2014!

10. Mako Mankanshoku Mako_Mankanshoku_Profile Mako Mako! What can be said about Mako that hasn’t been said already? She has an odd combination of being a goofy, emotive girl to almost ladylike in how she presents herself to certain people. Incredibly brave and an absolute treat to Kill La Kill that makes the cast so memorable to begin with..

9. Minori Nakazawa Nourin-3-3 Quite the underrated girl of 2014, or quite frankly of all anime! How could anyone not get a good long look at how curvacious her body is and not be instantly in love with this girl? Stuff your face inside her delicious buttcheeks and boobies and you’d probably be cured of all aliments.

8. Lilith Asami 797081-lilith_asami_bikini_massage One of those choices where you really love to see the girl have her embarrassed fits at certain cliques that might be lewd. As much as the comedy got repetitive after a while in the show, seeing Lilith all tsundere and embarrassed never got old.

7. Enju Aihara Enju_tells_Rentaro_that_her_heart_is_ready This is how you do lolis right: make them daring for sexual advances in the cutest and funniest way you can. It doesn’t help that she’s voiced by Rina Hidaka, the queen of loli voices. Seeing her getting jealous of Rintaro when he refuses her sexual escapades is just about the most heart attack inducing thing ever.

6. Chitoge Kirisaki nisekoi___kirisaki_chitoge_by_hsyco-d7btcjy After this, Nao Touyama needs to have more tsundere roles under her future roles. Her sporadic, high-pitched voice resonates so well with Chitoge’s adorable personality. Let it be said that Chitoge tsundere-ness is truly a glorious moment of the year that was needed very much.

5. Seishirou Tsugumi rNDreCf Once again, tomboys will always be the best kinds of girls on the planet. Tsugumi-chan felt like your prototypical reverse trap at first, but once she lates her ladylike charms shine with that dress and bikini, I have no choice but to watch those scenes over and over again until my head starts to feel lightheaded from blood loss! Before we reveal the winner, lets look at some honorable mentions!

4. Isuzu Sento amagi_brilliant_park___isuzu_render_by_koukochiisaki-d85h3ma Has such a body to die over. Her bountiful breasts and juicy booty are the complete mystifying treasure of 2014 that are so complex to think of how a girl can be this cute and sexy. I’d let her dress as a bikini pirate and order me around as her master~

3. Naru Kotoishi 14563883776_bcd8930f6f_z Of course I have to include at least one girl that is cute in the naturalistic sense of cute instead of moe moe. Nevertheless, Naru is everyone’s dream to have as a little sister or a daughter. She has the adorable nature that everyone loves in little kids and want to take care of!

2. Onodera Kosaki kosaki_onodera_vector_wallpaper_by_arodrake-d77fyx9.png Talk about a comeback from Kana Hana after a disastrous year of 2013 so soon. Seeing Onodera embarassed and hearing Kana do her moe voice along with it can only be described as an amalgamation of blood carnage from one’s own nose. Makes you want to bundle up next to her and cuddle to make your stress go away.

Honorable Mentions:

Ryuko Matoi


Kaoru Tsunashi


Eleonora Viltaria


Meme Tatane


Amane Suou


Roka Shibasaki


Hiyori Iki




Chino Kafuu





1. Stephanie “Steph” Dora Stephanie+orihime+and+nami+serve+their+purpose+perfectly+_038466f5a57a425ea33b6cf8117d1951 Oh~ Muh heart~! Steph-chan was too much for many to handle, but I managed to get into the impossible and actually believe her to be the best girl of this year. As the show came along and I saw Steph-chan in a doggy outfit with nothing but an apron on, the only reaction I can get is falling on the ground in a pool of my own blood. With the voice of Yoko Hikasa-san with her cute and manic presentation, it is just the icing of the cake for this absolute beauty! <3 Let us hope for great new lewd/cute girls for 2015!


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