Anejiru 2 The Animation Review


Have you ever watched a hentai and got instantly turned off by how saturated the whole genre has become with repetitive NTR and rape fantasies? They all certainly have their place in the medium but the party has already far reached its welcome. However, what if I told you that a hentai can not only be sexy to fap to, but can also be fun to fap to? Well, have I got a perfect gem in store for you.

Now I know what you might be thinking: “What do you mean by ‘fun’ to fap to? Isn’t sexy and fun correlated?” In hentai terms, fun signifies the feeling of joy after you’ve watched one feeling satisfied by the experience after doing your business. Sexy is generally the actual pleasurable presentation that you visually experience when watching a hentai. Unfortunately, most hentai that you come across are usually the latter, without the former. With the case for Anejiru 2 The Animation, it manages to be that once in a blue moon occurrence that manages to be an extremely sexy hentai to watch but also an enjoyable one where you actually care for the girls.


To describe why this is the case, I’d like to describe the tone of the show and why every hentai needs to take notes from Anejiru. When the OVA sets itself up, it portrays itself in a lighthearted manner. There is many aspects of comedy to be seen, even from the sex scenes themselves, that you would typically see in many moe comedies. Many often see comedy as a bane to sex scenes. Wrongly so. Because comedy applies a better mood that can actually make something even sexier and also give a cuteness edge to the characters when they’re hopelessly hungry for cock or want to cum badly. This creates a memorable experience for not only the sex scenes, but for the characters themselves.

What makes the tone feel very different from most hentai, even with hentai that have the same tone as Anejiru 2, is the fact that it breaks the 4th wall on multiple occasions. This provides a very different edge than what you are usually used to in many hentai. They speak to the “user,” watching them masturbate with a huge dildo that they say to you to help imagine that it is your own huge cock. It actually makes the user “think” more of what they are fapping to, rather than just simply watching and fapping as it goes without a second thought.


To which I will now talk in depth about, Anejiru 2 has the best girls ever in hentai. There is the question of what makes a hentai character a good one when hentai has no consideration for development, at least the ones that only last for under three episodes. It is far from impossible as many people build it up to be. All you have to do is make the characters likable and also try to make the characters have personality to their archetypes, or stereotypes since that’s the main thing most hentai characters follow. Anejiru 2 is one such hentai that succeeds this in a triumphant approach to its characters’ personality.

To start critiquing each character individually, Kyouko, the oldest sister, fills in the dominant type who controls the incestual sex party. Her body is quite mature with a great booty to boot and matches quite well to her personality, yet she still has her cute quirks of poking fun at Anzu and Ryouko for their slutiness. Ryouko is the 2nd oldest and is by far the most openly horny sister by the fact that she sleeps naked and has masturbated more since she has done this. She certainly knows how to take a huge blotch of cum in her mouth and on her face. Next up is the house cat Kuri-chan, who inexplicably turns into a human catgirl because of the curse jar. Needless to say, she’s one catgirl that you surely would want to have for fun times. Her hilarious sexy antics on the sisters are both sexy and adorable at the same time when she teases their nipples and pussies. Oh and there is the brother named Yuu, but honestly, it’s all about the girls in hentai, the guys are merely just the cock and nothing more, am I right?

Cum Ryoko

Then we have Anzu-nee-chan, who just so happens to be my favorite hentai girl. The reason being is how carefully written she is to be this adorable, innocent little sister who hates perverted things. Yet, when you push her buttons correctly, she turns into this ravage, hungry slut who wants nothing but cocks in every single one of her holes. One sex scene in particular, where she has a big futa cock and fucks Kyouko in one of the best futanari scenes ever in hentai, she is hugely embarrassed by the cock that she doesn’t want to fuck her. Nevertheless, she then starts craving for more pleasure as she starts to have sex with her to the point where she starts holding her down and fucks her ever so harder like a raging little slut.

It also helps that the voice acting is actually really well done by some veterans of many eroge visual novels to make the characters have more energy. Kayo Sakata, who voices Anzu, is the biggest highlight of Anejiru 2 and it’s sad to see that she isn’t in many hentai in recent years. Harumi Sakurai, famous for roles such as Yuri from Angel Beats and Lisanna from Fairy Tail, does a nice job as Ryouko with her adorable moans. So, if you want to hear what it would be like for both aforementioned characters to moan from a huge dildo up their pussies or grinding on a cock, you’ve come to the right place. Asai Harumi has a nice dignified, onee-chan voice for Kyouko that fits perfectly to her demeanor, so good job on her part. There is also Noriko Rikimaru as Kuri-chan, whose voice is as close to a neko as one could get from her sarcastic tone and playful energy to her sex scenes.


Then we have the most important aspect to a hentai, the art and animation. While the animation isn’t anything special considering they reuse the same animation loops for certain scenes, for obvious reasons. But the art design is quite beautiful to look at, more specifically the characters. Here, the girls look very well built to the point where they don’t seem like skinny girls and have some bit of meat to their shape and size. Their breasts look very well-endowed to how their bodies are shaped so it doesn’t look awkward that they have very small bodies but very large breasts. Very vibrant colors to their hair and skin make everything so lively when they are in motion. Even with the censors on the dick and pussies, the colors that are being engulfed almost make the censors not distracting in the slightest, which is always a big positive.

There you have it. Let it be said that Anejiru 2 is one such hentai that needs a continuation from its eroge counterpart, considering how it has left off other characters from it. So many ideas could still be made with the amount of sex scenes they could come up with to spice up anyone’s dick or pussy to extreme levels. All we have left to go with are these fabulous moments in hentai history to go with our daily moments of fappage. But in hindsight, it’s something you could still go back to for years when you are stressed out and want to relieve yourself. If a hentai studio manages to succeed in doing that, then they need all the commendation they can get.

Grade: A+


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