Why do I review Anime?


When someone has an affinity towards a medium or something from that medium, they always want to express why they loved it to people around them. This what we call “word of mouth.” We share our interests towards one another in hopes that they will be interested in experiencing it too so that the product of that medium will flourish in the future in terms of economic benefits. However, a few of those people will actually try to make something of that passion and create a job out of it to influence the masses of what movie is good or bad to watch for their own money to spend. This has been a staple for people who go to the movies, read books, watch television, listen to music, and play video games with serious intent in mind. But one question still remains for nearly a decade: does anime have the same amount of importance in critical writing like in these aforementioned mediums?

You can’t really put anime and television on the same plateau because the former has cemented itself as its own medium entirely based on the fandom and impact it has on the market. When you look at the internet for how we intake criticism and reviews for anime, the only notable place where people go to for reviews is AnimeNewsNetwork. Hell, the website’s reviews are the one of the few sites you’ll see quoted on the back of anime DVDs and Blu Rays. You could make the case for Kotaku, but their sole focus isn’t really anime in general so they don’t count. As far as professional news sites go that host these reviews, AnimeNewsNetwork is the only one that matters in the mainstream. Thus, many of us rely on blogs for more detailed explanations on why an anime is good or not; hence why I am here.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will expand its three-month celebration of anime with a screening of the 2002 Oscar¨-winning animated feature ÒSpirited AwayÓ on Friday, July 17, at 7:30 p.m., and ÒA Tribute to Animation Master Hayao MiyazakiÓ on Tuesday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m.  Both events will take place at the AcademyÕs Samuel Goldwyn Theater and will include extended gallery hours for the AcademyÕs ongoing exhibition ÒANIME! High Art Ð Pop Culture.Ó Pictured here: SPIRITED AWAY, 2002.

But there is one issue lately in the blogging community for anime: It has been declining over the past five years or so. The reason being the popularity of people using YouTube as a legit source for reviews or impressions of shows that they’ve watched. It is simple and easier to digest than going through large paragraphs of text that may take about 10 or 15 minutes to completely read them, depending on how good a person’s reading speed is. So why have I chose to use a blog site to show my critical reviews and post them publicly onto sites like MyAnimeList? Because I feel that this is the most comfortable and easiest way to put my point across for people interested on my takes on whatever show I’m reviewing. I’m not the most resourceful person in the world in tracking down various video editing software because it can be a very tedious experience to do them accordingly. That and this type of blogging helps with improving my writing skills that will help me in future endeavors over the course of the years of doing this.

With the format preference out of the way, there is still the big question of why I came to the conclusion that I should review anime. And to be perfectly frank, I don’t really have a clear answer for that question. Sometimes when you want to do something that you aren’t really doing out of the sake of financial gain but merely for the fun or hell of it, it just comes through you in a subtle manner subconsciously. However, I view myself as someone that really wants to put forth a strong critical voice of a medium that doesn’t have a strong standing community like in film or music. Two of which you could at least have a easier time tracking some decent discussions on various films or music. Lately if you go to forum threads that discuss about any anime show, you don’t really see a lot of valuable discourse between individuals. Mostly involves a lack of explanation for why they think it is good or bad and mostly comes through with hostile insults or egoism amongst themselves or other people with differing opinions. I view myself as someone that wants to try to lessen this rift that the anime community is often stereotyped for.

Konachan.com - 160617 sample

I don’t simply want to become a critic because I want people to view my reviews as objective truth. I want my review to be looked at as a strong one that can be taken accounted for when either used as a guide to watch an anime or to continue forth a public discourse being implemented by other critics. Anybody can write a review, sure. But not everyone can write a “good” review. A good review puts forth a solid reasoning for why I conclude that a show is good or bad and expand upon it for a paragraph to make it strong enough to be viewed a legitimate reasoning. Then, once that review has a sizable amount of reasons on the positive and the negative, the review can now reach to its inevitable conclusion on the overall feelings towards that show. A review that does none of those aforementioned things is a “bad” review; not necessarily a bad “opinion”, because those are two different things. One is the structure of showing that opinion, and the other is the actual feelings towards the show being reviewed.

The last reason I’d like to bring up is how I’m the type of person who likes to show people my talents as an argumentative writer. I’m always trying to better myself over the course of the years I have been doing this and I’ve only started to own my craft with each passing review I’ve written. Critical reviewing can also be viewed as an art form in some respects with how the critic writes his reviews with a bit of panache with how he develops his tone and feel to the words he uses to describe certain aspects about what he is reviewing. Not saying that I have one that can be noticeable to me, but it is still a fresh start to enhance that ability for me to hopefully entertain my readers.

That is all I really had going forward doing these reviews for the greater majority of the two years I have been doing this. Some may see this as something that has no particular value to do or read about. I am indifferent towards that line of reasoning, but I hope that this will at least let the people who frequent this blog and my reviews know why I wanted to do this in the first place. The road to doing this is hard and difficult to go through due to other important life goals in mind. But once I see comments and likes on MyAnimeList or on this blog, that tells me that I am doing something that benefits some people and that is always a good feeling.

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