Nisekoi: Review


There have been a few sequels to anime that have been shameless filler in recent months. None of them were worth the hype that it originally sprouted upon announcement. However, that’s because they were story driven narratives that people took very seriously and wanted to know how the story and world would continue with the next continual season. One that definitely didn’t fit into this category was the sequel to the popular harem anime from 2014 called Nisekoi. For an anime that doesn’t  take its story or characters too seriously to begin with and have a sequel that is mostly comedic filler, that is just a continuation from the start.

Let’s not pretend that we thought the story in Nisekoi was something to be held in regard as outstanding because even the show dispels that notion. It wanted to be a dumb romantic comedy, that in some places satirizes the genre with Shaft’s over-the-top artistry, and nothing more. So, what the 2nd season brings on the table for fans of the series is simply a continuation of those hilarious and cute moments that made them adore the characters from the beginning. If filler was to be seen mostly in seasons based on anime that are purely comedic in nature ,such as Nisekoi, I think people wouldn’t be as annoyed by them as they did with, say, the 2nd season of Psycho Pass.


With that out of the way, Nisekoi: as it is called is, like I mentioned before, just more Nisekoi in that it just gives us more comedy and cutesy scenes involving the girls and our main protagonist. They are more or less the same in terms of the quality of the jokes coming from season one to season two. However, there are definitely some that set the bar up high than season one did with the hilarious dialogue between the characters. Thanks to the new characters they introduce in this season, which I’ll expound upon later, that open up a ton of cool possibilities they throw out to create even more hysterical scenes.

Shaft’s animation still boost these jokes up a notch with the vibrant character expressions that pop up every minute. They are every bit as wonderful as they were in the first season. In fact, I’d say it’s about the same level of quality of humor from the animation tricks when comparing the two of them. Great would be the right word to describe the quality itself, not excellent as there are a few jokes that flow off and taper off to nowhere.


What little changes there are in Nisekoi:, they introduced two new characters that are noteworthy of mentioning. We are now introduced to Chitoge’s mother, Hana Kirisaki, who actually has a decent arc in the middle part of the season with Chitoge. It is formulaic as one could get, but Nisekoi knows how to turn something formulaic into comedy gold through and through. Finally, there is Onodera’s little sister, Haru Onodera. Haru’s brand of sisterly love antics of protecting her sister against Ichijou are always hilarious and adorable to see.  Everything about Haru at this point in Nisekoi has made this season worth the wait after just having a taste of her in the previous OVA leading up to this.

Did I enjoy my time with this new season of Nisekoi? Indeed I did. Did it satisfy my continuous curiosity on how the romantic development between our hero and his love posse? No because I never had any to begin with. The fact of the matter is that Nisekoi has never fully taken itself seriously once you do the math of how often they’ve delved into the sillier moments than the serious tearjerkers that rarely happen. Comedy comes first in the world of Nisekoi and seriousness comes 2nd, and that’s fine as long as you do it right. Nisekoi just happens to be on that category and its 2nd season further proves that sentiment.

Grade: A-


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