Okusama ga Seitokaichou! Review

okusamaEroticism brings out the carnivorous beast inside of us all, even if we are not aware of its existence. At least with those people who are not repressed to their sexual drives by the time they reach that age group where it truly shines. Anime has been having no shortage of shows that try to tap into these drives in recent seasons. To which I will go against the majority by saying: There is nothing wrong with that. Especially whenever they are just as fun, sexy, and hilarious as Okusama ga Seitokaichou!

A fair comparison to be made about Okusama would be Kiss x Sis. Not necessarily just because the main girl, Ui Wakana, is voiced by the same Seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu, who voiced Ako Suminoe in Kiss x Sis, but because of how both anime use fanservice to create a nice, playful atmosphere. As a comedy anime that has the running time of under 8 minutes, this style of fanservice that is there to stimulate and entertain people fits perfectly with the short duration. If this were an anime that was your standard 24 minutes including OP and ED, I don’t think the fanservice would’ve held on for so long. Or worst, it could’ve tried to take a serious turn to its story like most bad ecchi anime.


Kiss x Sis gets away with a 24 minute running time because of the amount of charm all of the characters possess, while Okusama, unfortunately, only has the charm of our two main protagonists. The main male lead, Hayato Izumi, and the aforementioned Ui Wakana both supply a solid connection that was built up to a silly concept of getting married together out of spite from both of their parents. Ui’s brand of perverted antics is both subtle and humorous when she tries to bed with Hayato that really takes it up a notch from Ayana Taketatsu’s great performance of her. Of course, when those sexy scenes between them occur, they are nothing short of magical, despite how short they are.

That is where the character praises take a back seat for the supporting cast. Although I do think Ui’s mother is just as entertaining as her daughter, the rest do not leave much of an impression due to their short presence. Whatever good that can be found to their character, they are overshadowed by our main protagonists fairly quickly. Ui and Hayato even have moments of hilarity by themselves from their delightful charisma. Ui stalking the other girl who has affections was gut-bustlingly hilarious to see and her throwing condoms to show a sex-positive message to her students added a nice touch of nuance commentary and absurdity to Okumasa.


As far as short anime shows go, Okusama takes advantage of its duration and makes something that is suitable to take in. Kind of like a fast food restaurant, the quality of the food is suitable for the cost and time that it take for it to be created for consumption. Sometimes if a short anime does too much for its running time, it will appear all over the place as a result. Okusama is a solid watch to experience the character interactions being for what they are inside, lewd carnivorous beasts.

Grade: B


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