Bikini Warriors Review


I love booty and boobies, don’t you? Especially when they cover most of the screen that makes you feel like you can just touch them with your fingers, or your tongue if you’re that shameless like I am. When you see a title that is equally as shameless as the perverted little fellow inside of you like Bikini Warriors, your instinctive going into it will be about as what you would expect. Once you get rid of the bias of looking at it as a three minute short series and dumb fanservice, you’ll realize that Bikini Warriors has more to offer than just the latter.

To describe Bikini Warriors in a nutshell, it is basically a fanservice anime that makes fun of RPG tropes, specifically in JRPGs. The one other aspect that it makes fun of is itself. This where the charm of Bikini Warriors takes its form. Like many good ecchi anime whose sole purpose is to titillate its viewers, it does not try to take its gimmick too far into territory that contradicts its original tone. With a three minute episodic running time, any fanservice anime of Bikini Warriors’s caliber fits into this running time perfectly. If this were a 24 minute anime, or even a 12 minute short, the gimmick would’ve already reached its welcome by the 2nd episode. Three minutes is a long enough for Bikini Warrior to showcase its fanservice at a better pace to the point where there are not as many jokes that seem like filler to move the “plot” along.


Many of the satirical jokes that come up are right on point with many mechanics and tropes that fans of RPGs love about RPGs, or sometimes get annoyed by them. One example of this is a joke that involves the girls selling off all of their items, healing or otherwise, to afford a powerful weapon to get through a dungeon, only to find another one in a random chest in that dungeon. There is usually one trope that is the center-focus of each episode, of which I won’t spoil the rest so that people who are interested will be surprised going into it. While there are a few episodes that do not hit the right notes on target, most of the episodes are a riot if you are a fellow RPG fan like myself.

Now we get to our lovely cast of voluptuous ladies who are about as two-dimensional as one could get from a story perspective. However, I can at least set aside this negative only a little based on how Bikini Warriors does its shtick without the attempt at being serious with its premise. Going one by one, the Fighter girl is probably my favorite of the four just from her gorgeous figure in that bikini and how funny her stubborn personality is by going through this fantasy RPG journey with her party members. The Mage girl is a quite a fan favorite and is my 2nd favorite considering how hilariously emotional she is at any given scenario and how her cute bikini is the stuff of legends. The Dark Elf girl, surprisingly, is my least favorite of the bunch considering how forgettable most of her contributions are to the comedy compared to the others. And lastly is the Paladin girl who has her fair share of decent moments but not as memorable as the Fighter and Mage.

[Commie] Bikini Warriors - 01 [6D6A1BB3].mkv.154B7A05

To put into perspective the good and bad for Bikini Warriors’s art and animation, the art side of things is good but the animation is something left a lot to be desired. The character designs of the girls are quite sexy and great to the eyes, but it is quite obvious that the length of the anime is synonymous to the amount of budget they spent on it. There are many shots that involve characters just standing around with their mouths moving to lip sync the dialogue. What’s even more hilarious is how they always skip towards the tail end of a boss fight so they wouldn’t have to animate as much. I realize that three minute shorts aren’t enough to facilitate this amount of animation, but at least make it look like you’re trying and not look lazy in the process of animating it. I like my boob and booty shakes to have some substance to them, thank you very much.

The title itself, Bikini Warriors, will already be judged from just looking at the title alone. If you’re an ecchi connoisseur, like myself, than your curiosity has already peaked by the time you’ve read it. Others will probably thumb their nose at just the thought that someone would make something this “shameless.” I will point out, as I’ve done before, that this can be a short series that someone who does not care for fanservice but loves RPGs will find something worthwhile for about 36 minutes of their lives. That is about as much time as watching one hentai video, so what have you got to lose?

Grade: B-


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