RIP Miyu Matsuki


Normally I hope I would not have to do this section of my blog as often as I should. But since this particular passing has been quite big in the community, I feel it is a privilege to give Miyu Matsuki the proper goodbye from me as an anime fan.

Unfortunately, Matsuki-san has passed on from an illness she contracted this year at the age of 38 on Oct. 27.  At the age of 38, there is no words to describe how unfairly young that is to pass, especially in the country of Japan. Matsuki-san had so much potential, from what roles that garner her a small fanbase, to become bigger at this particular year. I guess we will never know for sure if that dream would be fully realized.

From what I remember her from the roles that she had been in, I saw talent that could rival even some of best voice actresses in anime. It really started to hit me from her great role as Cthuko in Haiyore Nyaruko-san, where she struck me as a voice that could pull of a kuudere type of character incredibly well. Then around 2015, she struck gold as Anna from Shimoneta into a ravenous, love juice girl that has all sorts of quirky characteristics that make her special. Her voice added so much to that character that made her incredibly memorable. Which, sadly, was her last role.

I’d like to think of Miyu Matsuki’s role as Anna as the great swan song of hers. If there are any swan songs to anything or anybody that are as good or better than that, I’d be hard pressed to find an answer to that one.




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