Top 25 – 1 Favorite Albums

25. Sigur Rós – Ágætis byrjun  b129de7f8f4280c25351d2639711eb53.1000x1000x1A mystical post-rock journey that only the likes of Sigur Ros could accomplish.

24. Gorillaz – Demon Daysgorillaz_demon_cd_cover_bigOne of the few albums from my childhood that I can still listen to now and think it still holds up.

23. Massive Attack – Blue Lines  d7208f896d30aa8f93787dd7903c07d2.600x600x13D’s one of the most underrated MC’s ever and songs like “Blue Lines” and “Daydreaming” prove this fact.

22. Tool – Ænima516r-3aiTvLFor a while this was my favorite album of all time, but then I realized “Jimmy” was kinda garbage. Everything else is an absolute treat to the ear.

21. Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machineb11e4fbaI don’t particular care for politics of a band, but I can always respect an energy and “rage” a band can carry that doesn’t feel phony.

20. Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?album-whats-the-story-morning-glorySure it may sound too Arena Rock for my tastes, but stuff like “Champagne Supernova” and “Cast No Shadow” are gems of the 90s.

19. Burzum – FilosofemmaxresdefaultSometimes the best music doesn’t have to have clear and high quality production, just ask Burzum.

18. Massive Attack – Mezzanine1380116363_massive_attack-mezzanine-frontalDark bass grooves and ethereal vocals make for a melancholy of trip hop goodness.

17. Fugazi – Red MedicineFugazi-Red-Medicine-640x652My personal favorite post-hardcore record by the guys who know how to lyrically show their pain without hokey melodrama.

16. Leviathan – The Tenth Sub Level of SuicideLeviathan-the-tenth-sub-level-of-suicideThe album that started my quest to listen to anything Suicidal Depressive Black Metal. Hey, not the strangest thing to be obsessed about.

15. Björk –

Experimental made beautiful that only someone like Bjork could ever pull off.

14. Nirvana – In Uteronirvana-20th-in-uteroThe record that is their most honest effort. The screams in this feel potent and authentic through the struggles of Kurt’s later life.

13. Slint – Spiderlandspiderland coverAs a fellow Louisville resident, these guys are the only worthwhile thing to come out of this city. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

12. Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistolssex-pistolsSure it may be a crap shoot as my favorite punk record, but you simply can’t deny how we need more people like Johnny Rotten in the world.

11. William Basinski – The Disintegration Loopsbasinski_disintegration_loopsThe most mesmerizing album I’ve ever listened to. A 70 minute experience that feels a lot shorter thanks to the repetitive loops that mirrors the death of modern America.

10. Madvillain – Madvillainy77404Weird Hip Hop is what I call MF DOOM’s flavor of hip hop and I love my Hip Hop weird.

9. Tricky – Maxinquayetricky-maxinquaye-frontalTricky is an odd fellow. But damn is his raspy vocals so haunting and catchy at the same time.

8. Miles Davis – Kind of Blue10-KINDOFBLUEThe ultimatum of Jazz. Put this on any hour of the day and it will be the Miles Davis hour.

7. Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92415-ZDopaZLSome people may claim the sounds to be outdated, but I disagree wholeheartedly. If you can make a one minute song that makes me cry, I don’t care how outdated your album is.

6. DJ Shadow – Endtroducing…..2Mht6qnToo bad this guy had to dethrone his legacy by making more albums after this. Seriously, who would ever think they could make a better album that was preceded by a perfect album?

5. Oasis – Definitely Maybedefinitelymaybeoasis2pr200712As an American, I can’t relate to what these Brits sing about but I know one thing and that is Oasis is at its best when they’re raw and alternative. That and Noel doesn’t sing in any of these songs.

4. Tool – Undertowtool-undertow-800pxThe reason why this is their best is because this is where they captured a dark and morose soundscape that goes on from beginning to end.

3. Stars of the Lid – And Their Refinement of the DeclineStars-Of-The-Lid-And-Their-Refinement-Of-The-Decline-Disc-1-coverAny drone album that comes after this will never be as spectacular. A two hour album that I actually wished was longer to keep the feeling going for eternity.

2. Radiohead – Kid AKidAAlbumIt simply is their most ballsy approach to their sound and it worked in sublime perfection.

Albam of all Time: Burial – Untrue71mg-aHJwjL._SL1250_Dubstep in how it should’ve been. You can call it 2-step garage, UK Garage, or whatever. It is simply Burial and he managed to change the soundscape of electronic and music in general forever in how it can be made.


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