Blend S Review


When is it the best time to watch an anime with cute girls in maid outfits parodying adorable anime tropes? Anytime. Whether they can be enjoyable to watch or not is anyone’s prerogative. But how often do we get these shows? Quite too often in my opinion. That being said, when one of them clicks,they become a worthwhile, laugh-out-loud experience.

Blend S proved to be the funniest slice of life anime of 2017. This comes right down to the jokes, characters, comedic situations, and dialogue. All of these aspects melds together successfully to make an enjoyable anime that pulls off even the most stereotypical jokes or situations that have become a staple in anime of this nature to the point of mockery. So how do each of these four aspects work great with each other?


For starters, the jokes are very quirky and over-the-top. If you aren’t a fan of that style of humor, then Blend S may prove to be difficult to muster. It isn’t incredibly over-the-top like say Seto no Hanayome or more recently Himouto Umaru-chan. It’s over-the-top when it needs to be. Whenever the animation switches from the normal designs of the characters to the dis-formed, chibi-like art style, that is where the comedy shines brightly. Thanks to its hilarious looking art style and great performances by the main cast, most of the jokes hit than miss in every which way. There are a few times where they repeat the same jokes and they do not necessarily hit as hard as they did the first time, but they don’t completely sour the experience too much.

The characters each have a distinct characteristic to them that gives them a unique feel to one another. Sure they aren’t exactly anything new to see, but Blend S knows this and plays around with these stereotypes for us to laugh at and marvel at how it treats them. However they don’t just treat them as stereotypes and nothing more, that would just make them seem hollow and uninteresting. They still have a bit of depth to them in terms of how they portray their distinct quirks with each episodic theme they are put into. All of the voice actors play a major role to this success as well. The biggest highlight of the cast would have to be Azumi Waki as Maika. She can really portray a female character with a darling personality without it being too sugary for some, with the dark sadistic side to counteract it to balance it out; hopefully she will get a ton of more lead roles after this one.


While each character holds themselves up tremendously, what really sells this show greatly is the chemistry between them. It is always a blast to watch an episode and see what kind of things they will say to one another or what kind of situation one of them gets into and how the others will react to it. The dialogue plays a part in this success and also comedic timing. There have been times where I almost went crazy with laughter at many of what the characters say to each other and their reactions. Specifically with the character Dino, who is played masterfully by Tomoaki Maeno who you can tell is having a blast playing as him. Whenever Dino and Maika are on-screen together its almost always going to end with someone having a cramp from hysterical laughing.

I have mentioned before about how the art design and animation play a really big role in magnifying the humor of the show. Looking at it beyond that, it’s a fairly simple looking anime. Nothing really stands out as anything eye-catching to write home about. Nevertheless, simplicity does not always mean a negative in some cases. Especially with regards to slice of life shows which can be limiting to how you can animate it. What does stick out is how beautiful the colors are in the backgrounds and characters. All of the characters have a great look to them and makes them shine to grab your attention.


A feel good anime is something anyone would love to see now and again. Blend S is one that I think fits that description accurately. No tough melodrama involved, no violence, no harsh conflict, and no greater threat looming in the shadows. Just an anime you can pop up at any time and feel good the following day. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Grade: A-


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