Swing Out Sisters (2014) Review


Do you know what’s purer than romantic love? Incest love. Nothing more genuine than that, am I right? Specifically, non-blood related because you wouldn’t have the offchance of producing mutant offspring. It’s a win-win situation, in my opinion. There is no other hentai type that piques my interest like siscon, and Swing Out Sisters is the granddaddy of them all.

This 2014 hentai is three OVAs put together into one long OVA that is a total of around an hour and a half. Although, the original was only one OVA that was about 30 minutes long. So, you could say that this is a hentai movie if you could call one that. Does its long-running time indicate anything resembling a big plot? Not really. It’s a pretty standard story for hentai. Especially one that involves half-siblings wanting to get their freak on with each other. You could not ask for anything more when you have that kind of plot outline for an hour and a half hentai.


Honestly, I think it does its job reasonably well in terms of making the characters more endearing to me. That is the big reason a plot in hentai can be serviceable. It does not matter what you have; it’s what you do with it. The way you flesh out the characters in hentai is how they interact with one another even outside of their sex scenes. It does add a lot to these scenes to make them a more delightful hentai experience. In the case of Swing Out Sisters, the two sisters range from adorable to sexy when the time is needed. Even the brother has his fair share of good moments too. It’s always a blessing when the hentai male protagonist has a presence in the story.

The sex scenes are primarily vanilla. There isn’t anything too fetishistic unless you’re one of those who can’t stomach siblings getting it on with each other. In terms of animation quality, the scenes are very well done. There’s enough to go around to satisfy anyone’s sexual desires. The design of the girls are well-proportioned and look great when they are in motion. Even outside of the sex scenes, the animation and art still look almost as good as your typical slice of life/romance anime you’d see in any season. There are also hilarious chibi moments whenever there is a comedic scene involved with the brother and sisters. They add an excellent level of comedy that keeps the non-sex scenes less dull and monotonous like a lot of hentai tend to be.


For something that is an hour and a half long, you could not ask for a better way to use that long running time. You do not have to watch the original that preceded this in case you might miss some nuance. Swing Out Sisters is essentially a “remake” if one could call it that. Except it is way more prolonged, in which case the characters have more time to develop, and there are more sex scenes to gander at. So, you’re getting more out of it as a result. It’s very well done for what it is worth and should not disappoint any hentai connoisseur like myself. Unless, of course, you are one of those easily offended by pure incest love in which case just steer clear and hopefully rethink what true love is.


Grade: A

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