Kyonyuu Fantasy: One Half Incredible, Another Half Disappointing

I’m easy to please, especially with pornographic material. As long as it is competent in giving what you want in a pretty package, I will enjoy it. Yet, even when something is put in one, you still have to provide me with more than what is bargained for. When you have all of these great assets, and you can only give me half amazing and half meh, it only adds fuel to the disappointment. Which can still be good but not amazing.

Kyonyuu Fantasy is not a bad hentai. In fact, I would still call it very good. Its best quality is the female cast. They all have similar body types, yet unique characteristics make them distinct. Shamsiel is, of course, the best out of all of them. She radiates so much charm and cuteness that gives the hentai much-needed personality more than just your standard fantasy-laden hentai story. She’s one of those hentai girls that you desperately wished had a side-story OVA with her succubus adventures with various men she comes across. It’s a shame the rest of the girls aren’t at the same level as her.

That is not to say the rest of the girls are bad. Roxanne fits that gigantic oppai/lactation scenario well enough, and her scene at the end of the first episode is nice. Gladys and Isis all have their spotlights in the 2nd episode and are fine for what they are. What is missing that would have made them special would be if they had something in their personality that made them interesting to watch getting fucked. It’s one thing to have a nice hot body on a girl character in a hentai, but if you put some interesting personality quirks to them, it adds so much to the sex scenes.1 Roxanne is just your average Ojou-sama character. Gladys and Isis are your typical dignified knight girls that get quickly tempted by lust for our bland male lead. They might be good eye candy, but that’s all there is to them, unlike Shamsiel.

Whenever Kyonyuu Fantasy gets discussed on various hentai sites, the common complaint is how inferior the 2nd episode is to the 1st. I’m one of those that has that same complaint. However, I feel like you would love the 2nd episode if there is one hentai trope you are a fan of, Big oppai and lactation. There is much of that in the 2nd episode, and you will have plenty of fap time if that is your bag. I can take it or leave it with lactation scenes. I will always go back to the Shamsiel scene in episode 1. I would call it one of the best in hentai. However, it is incredibly grating that they repeat it in episode 2 but in a different room. While it doesn’t last longer than a minute, it is jarring how lazy they implemented it out of nowhere when they could’ve used that time to create something completely different.

This brings us to the most frustrating part of Kyonyuu Fantasy: it ends abruptly and unfinished. They could do a lot of content with how many scenes are in the original eroge game. But they decided to half-ass it at the 2nd episode and decided that they’re not going to do anymore as of writing this. Normally I say that the best thing to say about an anime or hentai is that you wish there were more. That’s only if there is at least a sizable chunk to look back on fondly. But to me, Shamsiel’s scenes are the only ones I’ll go back to.

Despite all of my frustrations mentioned above, I still commend Majin’s art and animation department. Every girl looks great, the backgrounds all look great for a hentai production, and the movements look fluid enough to where they don’t look cheap. These alleviate the problems I have with making Kyonyuu Fantasy a repeatable viewing.

It’s weird how I still have a great outlook on Kyonyuu Fantasy despite how limited it is in its scope. It is a beautiful package with only half of what is promised, but it is a beautiful package nonetheless. We may get more in the future. But we will have to take what we can get. If, on the off chance that more come, Shamsiel needs to be in more scenes. Please, for the love of god. Shamsiel is love and cuteness personified.

Grade: B+

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