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Announcing news regarding the blog itself

Some Change of Plans!

It’s 2022, and this blog is almost 10 years old (circa 2013) when I started doing this regularly. I’m almost shocked, as some of you might be that I have been keeping this up for so long considering how dead blogging has become for anime or, in general, due to everyone just opening up a youtube channel for these types of things. I’m still on the fence on whether I want to move to that or not because I feel more comfortable writing than talking into a microphone with a script and worry about editing in visuals and so on. I don’t know. It just takes less effort doing this than that. But enough about that, I want to discuss some changes that might benefit me going forward.

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Best/Worst of 2019 Delayed


This post is just a short announcement that my yearly lists of the best and worst of 2019 will be delayed indefinitely. This year has been a super busy one, so I haven’t had the drive to sit and watch new seasonal anime! I want to say late March is when I will post them as I will be marathoning a bunch of the big titles I’ve missed this year. Please be patient!

Queen’s Blade Ahoy!


Yep. I’m gonna do somewhat of a passion project that I’ve recently came up with after watching Queen’s Blade for the first time: I’m going to review every season, OVA, and specials that have been released from this series.

Why? Because why not? This series has always been something I never got to watching for some reason. I know that may seem shocking to a lot of people who may know me. Is it because of how much of a horrible rep it gets by many anime fans? But I’ve watched my fair share of horrible ecchi shows that get equal amount of hate and . Because there’s so many seasons and on top of that another series that has a whole different cast of cuties and story? That’s probably the main reason. I am the type that gets intimidated by shows with multiple seasons I have not touched yet.

Now is the time to change that once and for all! I do not know how long this will take, but this is a task that I should announce to you all who have followed me throughout the years!




Phew, I know it’s been about a year or two since I’ve been active. Now it’s safe to say that I’m back at the swing of things! I wanted to have a year long vacation due to graduating college and getting a job afterwards. Both of which I have succeeded!

I’ve been planning on a transitioning from a written review format to an audio one once I would come back. However, due to YouTube’s draconian ways of screwing over content creators (me trying to lessen my lewd ways, you kidding me?) and other things that got in the way, that plan will be pushed back indefinietly. Until then, I will continue to write reviews for the new anime that comes out in the coming seasons. I might review the current shows in the Fall season, but that depends on time. I doubt there will be a Best/Worst list of 2017 because I haven’t watched a ton this year. That does not mean that “Cutest Girls of 2017” isn’t on the horizon! Talking about cute girls in any year is always fun to do.

Maybe hentai reviews will be more prevalent??? You’ll know in the coming months~

So that’s all the plans I have as of late. Feel free to comment on what shows you’d love for me to review this season, if you really want me to!