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Favorite Games of 2017

Since I’ve been contemplating about whether I should do a list of games I’ve enjoyed in 2017, I might as well do it since everyone I know is doing it. I haven’t played everything to completion, in fact I might even update this as time goes on, so don’t think of this as a definitive list on my end. Also this will be in alphabetical order until the very end where I will show what my game of the year is. So without further ado, let’s go! Continue reading


Top 10 Anime Cuties of 2017

Okay, so I’m going to break one rule here exclusively for this list. I’m going to include girls that debuted in 2016 on this list because I didn’t do one for 2016. Keep that in mind for those who have been following this yearly series so far. Anyway, let’s see what cutie reigned supreme this year! Continue reading

Best of 2015

2015 has been a really weird year for me in my anime watching career. This was a year that I would say was definitely a low point in all the years I’ve watched. Only because this was the year where I actually scored a show a 1/10 on MAL and an F- minus that wasn’t an OVA, Special, or a short anime that was completely unfinished. On top of that, I never gave a show a 9 and the 2s and 3s appeared my frequent than any of the years I started this. I wouldn’t say that this was an overly terrible year but it definitely was the hallmark that I was hoping for. But with that said, I can’t say there was a shortage of great shows; in fact there were some surprises that cropped during the seasons. So sit back and see me count of the winners and runner ups of the best of 2015 that ended its broadcast this year. Continue reading