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RIP Nakamura Ryuutaro

1955 – 2013

It doesn’t happen as often for us fans of anime to remember someone who was responsible for creating our favorite shows. Serial Experiments Lain to this day remains as one of my favorite anime of all time and it really hit me when the news broke out about the Director and Original Creator of that show passed away after months of dealing with an illness. The man has left only a handful of notable shows in his entire career, such as Kino’s Journey and Ghost Hound. It is sad to see a man who has left us at only half of his life span. What makes this even tragic is what will become of his announced work Despera, whether it will be indefinitely cancelled or continue to see the light under Abe Yoshitoshi’s direction. Regardless, I will always remember the man for making very innovative shows that pushed the boundaries of what anime could do at the time. RIP