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Ushio to Tora Review


Taking old anime and rebooting them for current anime viewers has not been done before. Many reasons are that the visual quality of the old anime shows, for the most part, have not aged well, especially trying to view a stream of one that is of low quality and bad subtitles. One big example is Space Battleship Yamato 2199 in 2013, regarded by many as a suitable remake of the classic space opera from 1974. Here we have Ushio to Tora, a reboot of a 1992 10 episode OVA based on a 6 year long manga in 1990. I was not aware of their existence, but suffice to say, this reboot has succeeded in peaking my interest in the series. Continue reading


Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen Review


Do you ever have that one anime where you feel as though there was many things going on but still feeling like there was no impact to any of it? Anime that are of the action genre often come into this dilemma. Ones that have an overarching story that tries to make it grand and epic, only to squander it by not giving much to go on. It doesn’t help with a short 12-13 episode season. Considering that Owari no Seraph had a 2nd season in the same year in order to facilitate its story longer and still come off short is basically rubbing salt in the wound. Continue reading

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Review


Sometimes there is one aspect to a show that can save it from pure mediocrity. It may not try to propel it into the status of “classic” or “greatness”, as there are still other aspects to it that are either okay or bad, but it can still garner it some admiration for trying. Rakudai Kishi no Calvary has the distinction of being one of these shows. As much as my expectations were shrouded in apathy when I started, by the time I was halfway through Rakudai, that apathy dissipated from just one aspect of it that kept me coming back.

Continue reading

Triage X Review


All I wanted was a fun fanservice anime to help embellish my ecchi bone like I am always known to do. Is this too much to ask for? Is it hard to make a fanservice anime that is actually fun? Unfortunately yes. I don’t deny the tough task of trying to make a fun anime that can please many people. However, when it is plainly obvious that the writers did not give this thing the time of day that it desperately needed from how it is presented, there is no excuse to justify laziness of this magnitude. Continue reading

Gangsta. Review


It’s not often you see an anime putting its setting into uncharted territory. They are a welcoming addition to the constant routine of anime studios just churning out shows that present a Japanese setting so that the Japanese audience can be easily engaged. With a unique setting backed by and equally unique title, Gangsta, that will at least be a good first impression going into it. What came through my mind when Gangsta was over was how much of a great thrill ride it was, except for the bumpy journey that was part of it. Continue reading