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Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Review

Anime’s approach to fantasy is unique among other mediums. The Fate series itself is singularly unique among the fantasy genre in anime. I’ve reviewed previous Fate anime, so I do not feel it is necessary to go over the whole Fate oeuvre here. While I don’t think the mythological or historical aspects of the characters in the series impressed me with how they treated them in the story, I have always enjoyed the action and some of the dramatic facets they put into it.

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DanMachi Season 2 Review


It is fair to say that I am one of those critics that had no big problem with DanMachi when it first aired in 2015. It was flawed, no doubt, but it was a harmless, fun adventure show that brought about one of the greatest waifu-bait cuties ever to grace the medium; and I will hear no denying that sentiment from here on out!

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Bikini Warriors Review


I love booty and boobies, don’t you? When they cover most of the screen, it makes you feel like you can touch them with your fingers or your tongue if you’re that shameless like I am. When you see a title that is equally as shameless as the perverted little fellow inside of you like Bikini Warriors, your instinctive going into it will be about what you would expect. Once you get rid of the bias of looking at it as a three-minute short series and dumb fanservice, you’ll realize that Bikini Warriors offers more than just the latter.

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Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review


Treading on the dark abyss can be an enormous task to take. It is a never-ending ride that can only be described in the most torturous terminology. This abyss that I am telling formed around 2006 by the name of Fate Stay Night. Not the visual novel, mind you, but the adaptation of one of the routes contained in it. It is called an abyss because it was hated by almost everybody and their mother with its boring and mind-numbingly boring presentation. All it would take to rationalize the problem is to realize that Type-Moon was lazy with giving its adaptation in the hands of a studio that probably didn’t have the authenticity it needed to showcase the grand scale of the Fate series. It only took Type-Moon nearly ten years to revitalize this by going on a different route with Unlimited Blade Works.

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