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Shoujo Ramune Review

Every genre has its Citizen Kane, whether in anime or hentai. Most would point to the Loli genre with the 1984 six-part OVA series Lolita Anime as its Citizen Kane. While it holds significance with its place in history, it has not aged well with the modern era other than being a time capsule. If there is one OVA that I think truly deserves to be crowned that accolade, Shoujo Ramune would be the one to fulfill that position, no questions asked.

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Blend S Review


When is it the best time to watch an anime with cute girls in maid outfits parodying adorable anime tropes? Anytime. Whether they can be enjoyable to watch or not is anyone’s prerogative. But how often do we get these shows? Entirely too often, in my opinion. With that said, when one of them clicks, they become a worthwhile, laugh-out-loud experience.

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