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Ishuzoku Reviewers Review


This is a strange predicament to be in. Usually, I’m the one who should be championing this type of anime as the greatest there ever was. Now that there is full-on hentai disguised as an anime in our midst, we finally have grade-A production that we can rock our socks off. If I don’t rate this as a ten or even a nine, that would seem unorthodox of me. But I try to be honest with you all. While this was, at first, starting to steer in that direction, I began to feel a sensation halfway through that I did not think I would experience: Boredom.

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Swing Out Sisters (2014) Review


Do you know what’s purer than romantic love? Incest love. Nothing more genuine than that, am I right? Specifically, non-blood related because you wouldn’t have the chance of producing mutant offspring. It’s a win-win situation, in my opinion. There is no other hentai type that piques my interest, like siscon, and Swing Out Sisters is their granddaddy.

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Koiito Kinenbi The Animation Review


Romance hentai is always a breath of fresh air whenever one comes out. They almost never fail to give you that warm and calm feeling to see two characters make love because they love each other. Besides, of course, the feeling of cumming to their sexual escapades. Koiito Kinebi The Animation strikes that great balance of heartwarming sex scenes while also filling it with two other side stories that will give you hilarious and cute characters to gawk at.

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Another Lady Innocent Review


If there is one word that you do not often see or hear from people who talk about hentai, that word would be “beautiful.” Usually, people use the words sexy, hot, or fappable when describing a hentai’s art and animation. You would not hear about hentai being beautiful in the elegant sense of the term. Yet, Another Lady Innocent, or Front Innocent as it is called in Japan, has managed to proclaim itself as the Queen of that adjective in the hentai stratosphere.

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