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Nana Review


Love triumphs the human soul in ways we can’t really fathom, and how we can contain it also remains unexplained. Whether it is love in a romantic or friendly fashion, it has always been one of the most sought out themes in stories in every medium imaginable. We are used to the idealistic form of love with numerous tropes and literary devices, but now we’ve grown to appreciate the “realistic” forms of romance. Romance that tries to portray the reality we live in rather than what we hope reality will be. Nana can speak for itself as one anime to be an achievement of perfecting that level of story. Continue reading


Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky) Review

aria season 1 volume 1 info box

An inclusion of naturalistic elements to an otherwise stale gimmick of “cute girls in serious circumstances” in an anime has been met with a mixed reception among both casual and serious anime fans. This being circumstances that involve a setting, or lore to be specific, that would not have needed to have any “moe” components to make it even more or less meaningful. But we all know why this is the case: they want to appeal to what is popular, as it was popular considering this was made in 2010, and to cash in that would’ve otherwise been ignored without it. Unfortunately, that cash grab is less than fruitful from how seemingly transparent these elements give off in these shows, and nowhere near is this evident than in Sora No Woto. Continue reading

Solanin Review


Under the guise of postmodern human life lays a undisputed mystery, searching for an undiluted answer to living the good life. This would be the purpose one has to endure to escape out of adolescent life and try to cultivate under harsh conditions of the financial needs of surviving in the adult world. Do I stick with the status quo and live a stable life with hardly any trouble despite the boredom that goes with it? Or try to luck out by giving a big middle finger to it and indulge myself into in a lifestyle that will practically make life difficult but will make my experiences more interesting? Welcome to the stage of young adulthood. Continue reading