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The World God Only Knows Review


There comes that one manga you find at the corner of your eye to where you can enjoy it whether you like the genre it consists of or not, all in the essence of parody and satire. Parody can be an extremely difficult comedic flavor to pull off perfectly. Not only do writers have to analyze the aspects of the things that they are trying to parody in the first place, but they have to make all of the things that make a good comedy work. These things include great comedic timing, sharp jokes that don’t feel forced, and great pacing in-between comedy segments. For manga that is focused on comedy, it can be quite a herculean task; but luckily with manga, you can go buck wild with the stroke of your drawing utensil and think of what works best. It takes a man like Tamiki Wakaki to make it seem like a pure cake walk to envision a perfect parody with The World God Only Knows. Continue reading