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Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? Review


With the advent of constant bashing of many anime fans being distraught by the amount of moe-blob anime taking over the majority of the seasons since 2009, its telling that the genre has long overstayed its welcome. I’m one of those people that simply does not pay attention to the trends going on and simply goes to something with an open mind no matter what tag the anime just so happens fall under. There is always this sense of surprise always lurking in every genre I come across. Of the moe-blob anime that has been on my radar for a while was Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka. Continue reading

Oregairu Season 2 Review


Delicate friendships grow gradually overtime when you first meet people who you may or may not get along. That is the case for the characters that inhabit Oregairu, or SNAFU. Disfunctional and down-to-earth to their inner characterization, it’s an anime that is about as slice of life as one can get. With its surprising debut exceeding expectations for many people, me included, it was evident that we needed to see what was next in our journey through difficult, awkward friendships. I don’t think anyone was expecting something this compelling for a sequel. Continue reading

Barakamon Review


Never has there been as many instances where an anime was successful in showing nostalgic sentimentality with regards to making us feel homely inside. This once in a blue moon example, that is boasted with sentimentality, shows some of the strangest goofy humor that wouldn’t normally be in a show like Barakamon. Yet, like all surprising gems, what Barakamon does is not simply retread the slice of life with a different style to make it seem different; but instead, breathes all new life with that different style and makes it its own unique identity.

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Solanin Review


Under the guise of postmodern human life lays a undisputed mystery, searching for an undiluted answer to living the good life. This would be the purpose one has to endure to escape out of adolescent life and try to cultivate under harsh conditions of the financial needs of surviving in the adult world. Do I stick with the status quo and live a stable life with hardly any trouble despite the boredom that goes with it? Or try to luck out by giving a big middle finger to it and indulge myself into in a lifestyle that will practically make life difficult but will make my experiences more interesting? Welcome to the stage of young adulthood. Continue reading

Non Non Biyori Review

Who are we to decide that Slice of Life is a genre filled with shows that are all the same? Isn’t there still a batch of examples that still have those same aspects of what makes Slice of Life and still create a fresh atmosphere and aura to its world and characters? The answer is quite simply: yes. There are still shows of this nature that do provide more than just cute girls doing cute things, though there’s nothing inherently bad about it to begin with. To this, Non Non Biyori is one such show that fits the category perfectly as an instant slice of life classic.

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