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Top Favorite Queen’s Blade Cuties

As a way to end off my Queen’s Blade Review-a-thon, I thought it would be nice to name off my favorite cuties from the series. I decided to not bother reviewing the small OVAs, spin-offs, and specials because there was honestly not much to say about any of them other than the fact that they are either fun and amusing or pointless and a waste of time. Also, one stipulation on this list is that there will be no Rebellion original characters because none of them were of any grandeur to speak of. The criteria for this list is how aesthetically pleasing the cuties are and how vibrant and colorful their personalities are. So let’s start off with:

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Favorite Games of 2017

Since I’ve been contemplating about whether I should do a list of games I’ve enjoyed in 2017, I might as well do it since everyone I know is doing it. I haven’t played everything to completion, in fact I might even update this as time goes on, so don’t think of this as a definitive list on my end. Also this will be in alphabetical order until the very end where I will show what my game of the year is. So without further ado, let’s go! Continue reading