2020 Anime Retrospective

What a year to say the least. Many people have struggled through it differently than others. I myself was one of the luckier ones who did not have to go through much strife from the pandemic and quarantining as I still had steady income flowing in. As with how it affected my anime viewing, it did kind of made me lose the drive to watch a little bit due to work taking a chunk of time and energy out of me. Hence why it took forever to watch all anime that was in my backlog at the end of the year. Nevertheless, it’s here and you all know how I do it from the previous years. I don’t know how 2021 will fare better in this aspect of my daily life but we will see how it goes moving forward!

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Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Review

Anime’s approach to fantasy is unique, among other mediums. The Fate series itself is singularly unique among the fantasy genre in anime. I’ve reviewed previous Fate anime, so I do not feel it is necessary to go over the whole Fate oeuvre here. While I don’t think the mythological or historical aspects of the characters in the series impressed me with how they treat them with the story, I have always enjoyed the action and some of the dramatic facets they put into it. Continue reading

Ishuzoku Reviewers Review


This is a strange predicament to be in. Usually I’m the one who should be championing this type of anime as the greatest there ever was. Now that there is a full-on hentai disguised as an anime in our midst, we finally have grade-A production that we can rock our socks off. If I don’t rate this as a ten or even a nine, that would seem unorthodox of me. But I try to be honest with you all. While this was, at first, starting to steer into that direction, I began to feel a sensation halfway through that I did not think I was going to experience: Boredom. Continue reading