Best/Worst of 2019 Delayed


This post is just a short announcement that my yearly lists of the best and worst of 2019 will be delayed indefinitely. This year has been a super busy one, so I haven’t had the drive to sit and watch new seasonal anime! I want to say early February is when I will post them as I will be marathoning a bunch of the big titles I’ve missed this year. Please be patient!

Another Lady Innocent Review


If there is one word that you do not often see or hear from people who talk about hentai, that word would be “beautiful.” Usually, people use the words sexy, hot, or fappable when describing a hentai’s art and animation. You would not hear about hentai being beautiful in the elegant sense of the term. Yet, Another Lady Innocent, or Front Innocent as it is called in Japan, has managed to proclaim itself as the Queen of that adjective in the hentai stratosphere. Continue reading

DanMachi Season 2 Review


It is fair to say that I am one of those critics that had no big problem with DanMachi when it first aired in 2015. It was flawed, no doubt, but it was a harmless, fun adventure show that brought about one of the greatest waifu-bait cuties ever to grace the medium; and I will hear no denying that sentiment from here on out! Continue reading