Death Parade Review


There are times when surprises happen to you when you are not prepared for them. The reality is that they do not happen frequently, at least when it comes to anime shows that have no hype behind them but somehow have a huge following when word of mouth spreads around. Often than not, these surprises turn out to be positive outcomes when finished from beginning to end. Death Parade is one particular surprise from 2015 that will surely reign among the greats in this particular year. Continue reading

Anejiru 2 The Animation Review


Have you ever watched a hentai and got instantly turned off by how saturated the whole genre has become with repetitive NTR and rape fantasies? They all certainly have their place in the medium but the party has already far reached its welcome. However, what if I told you that a hentai can not only be sexy to fap to, but can also be fun to fap to? Well, have I got a perfect gem in store for you. Continue reading

Best Anime of 2014!

It is now the passing of another year and time for every anime critic’s favorite part of the year (not really), listing off the best and worst anime this year! Overall, this year has actually been a little bit of a step up compared to 2013. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a magnificent outing, but there have been some significant shows that are worthy of being crowned best all year round. Most of the categories haven’t changed since 2013’s list, with only a few minor iterations to fit 2014 more closely and decided to do only one runner up rather than two in each category.

Also keep this in mind: These are shows that have started and ended in 2014. Meaning, there are shows that may have started in 2013 but still continued on until after the Winter season of 2014 and will be featured on here. And shows that started in 2014 but are still ongoing and will not be featured here because of that. So, without further ado, let us begin! Continue reading