Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki Review


Sometimes a change in tone from the previous season to the next one can be a good thing to a series. This depends on the show in question, whether the writers want to take on a different direction on where the plot is going that changes the atmosphere. As long as they keep adding new elements to the story that doesn’t detract on what makes it good, that can be a welcoming change. Just don’t assume everyone is going to be 100% on board with it. The 2nd season of Sidonia no Kishi can be classified under this predicament. Continue reading

Nisekoi: Review


There have been a few sequels to anime that have been shameless filler in recent months. None of them were worth the hype that it originally sprouted upon announcement. However, that’s because they were story driven narratives that people took very seriously and wanted to know how the story and world would continue with the next continual season. One that definitely didn’t fit into this category was the sequel to the popular harem anime from 2014 called Nisekoi. For an anime that doesn’t  take its story or characters too seriously to begin with and have a sequel that is mostly comedic filler, that is just a continuation from the start. Continue reading

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review


Treading on the dark abyss can be a monstrous task to take. It is a never-ending ride that can only be described in the most torturous terminology imaginable. This abyss that I am describing formed around 2006 by the name of Fate Stay Night. Not the visual novel mind you, the adaptation of one of the routes contained in the visual novel. The reason it is called an abyss is because it was hated by almost everybody and their mother with its tedious and mind-numbingly boring presentation. All it would take to rationalize the problem is to realize that Type-Moon was lazy with giving its adaptation in the hands of a studio that probably didn’t have the authenticity it needed to showcase the grand scale of the Fate series. It only took Type-Moon nearly ten years to sort of revitalize this by going on a different route, literally, with Unlimited Blade Works. Continue reading

DanMachi Review


With an absurdly long title such as, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?,” your first inclination is to think that the show is trying too hard to pander from just the title alone. With Romance, Fantasy, Action, and Comedy spliced in with an element of Harem, your anticipation going into this will probably sink into apathy. But fret not my dear friends, this anime, shortly titled DanMachi, actually has much more to offer than your prototypical otaku bait anime. That is, if you think story is important in anime that fit this description. Continue reading

Why do I review Anime?


When someone has an affinity towards a medium or something from that medium, they always want to express why they loved it to people around them. This what we call “word of mouth.” We share our interests towards one another in hopes that they will be interested in experiencing it too so that the product of that medium will flourish in the future in terms of economic benefits. However, a few of those people will actually try to make something of that passion and create a job out of it to influence the masses of what movie is good or bad to watch for their own money to spend. This has been a staple for people who go to the movies, read books, watch television, listen to music, and play video games with serious intent in mind. But one question still remains for nearly a decade: does anime have the same amount of importance in critical writing like in these aforementioned mediums?

Continue reading