Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Review


Hello there. Do you love dirty jokes? I do, who doesn’t? I like my dirty jokes to go beyond the boundaries that many would consider to be the tipping point of how far jokes can go. There is an art to it that can make any of these jokes work when they are done with precision and finesse. Sometimes they are done with subtlety or not subtle in the slightest; both of which can be successful or a failure depending on how they are executed. Shimoneta fits the latter quite accurately to say the least. And when I say not subtle, that is taking it lightly.

Set in a dystopian Tokyo where all shamelessness, lewdness, and dirty language has been outlawed, you can already assume ahead of time that Shimoneta is a satire of political correctness. More specifically, how the conservative government of Japan tries to censor any part of a medium that maybe considered morally indecent to the public in their own eyes. Shimoneta wants to portray how their utopia would become a reality and how it would not work based on how human biology works. In other words, humans are sexual creatures through and through, whether we all want to admit that truth or not. Not only that, but it can also be a satire of how sex education is important in our society and an abstinence only education would prove to be a flawed system.


So does Shimoneta handle this satire well and make it hilarious in the long run? In short, it succeeds to make it into an entertaining anime with some subtle level of commentary to go by with it. Take, for instance, the character Anna, voiced by the recently passed Miyu Matsuki, who would be the archetype for a person who wants to be a pure person with no perverted characteristics. But because of an accidental kiss by the main character Tanukichi, that triggered a romantic spark into her brain that causes to develop urges that she never knew before. Shimoneta gives a pretty intelligent method of showing us the intricacies of how teenagers go through hormonal phases once they bloom into full-grown sexual young adulthood. It can also be enjoyed just as a silly joke and nothing else as well and Shimoneta obviously characterizes itself as either or just one alternative outlook.

Another commentary that Shimoneta does exceptionally well is how they portray the dystopian society of conservative political correctness. It does not do it in such a way where it is done in a forceful manner that it becomes preachy as a result. Rather it keeps that theme in the background where it doesn’t seem too apparent for the viewer to be distracted by and doesn’t overshadow the comedy. Shimoneta wants to be a wacky sex comedy through and through with some added commentary mixed in, in order to make it unique from other anime ecchi shows. Even with a rape scene involving a woman licking a guy’s chest out of sexual gratification in a  non-consensual, it still manages to be hilarious and offer an intelligent insight that invertedly challenges our notion of how we can find things of this nature funny from a different set of circumstances. At least that is how I interpreted it.


The comedy pulls so many punches to the viewer that it can be a bit much for the squeamish. But I love it when my ecchi anime pulls no limits to what it can do to either entertain or offend those who turn their nose up at shamelessness of this caliber. Simply put, Shimoneta is the most raunchy, lewd, indecent, and crazy ecchi anime I’ve ever come across, and probably you’ll ever come across. And I mean these with the utmost positive feelings that I could ever muster. Its clever ways of censoring dialogue to make us decipher what the characters are saying with some obvious hints based on context keeps its tone and comedic timing on-point and humorous from beginning to end. Many of its innuendos, whether it be visual or audible, might be forced in some cases but they help create a comedic atmosphere that keeps the show from being tedious and boring. Even some of the jokes that the writers came up took my breath away from how much they are willing to get away with. So much so that I think no other country except Japan would ever allow on television.

Not only does the comedy work with the theme and atmosphere, but it also gives the characters some nice needed charm to make up for their lack of development. Truth be told, the characters are not the most three-dimensional. Most of them have the one characteristic that defines them as a character, whether it be wanting sweet love nectar, obsessed with drawing shameless pictures, or wanting to rid themselves of the purity police controlling people’s language and sex lives. Nevertheless, I found myself slightly forgiving this negative from how much I enjoyed the chemistry between our main hero Tanukichi and main heroine Ayame. Heck, almost all of the characters have wonderful chemistry between one another from the hilarious interactions and dialogues that are clever and done with great comedic timing. One other character worth mentioning is the art prodigy Otome who’s brash and crazy attitude adds so much to the cast thanks to the always hilarious Satomi Arai doing her Kuroko voice from A Certain Scientific Railgun.


I found myself enjoying the creative art designs of the characters from how colorful and expressive they exhibit. There are some areas where I think the art can be a bit too bright and white-washed in some scenes. Overall, technically Shimoneta is a nicely animated show with many comedic gags having a great sense of depth and absurdity despite the fact that it is censored, in an ironic fashion. I would not necessarily call the music a highlight of the show, even though I found myself enjoying the ED with its combination of jazz-influenced horns and J-Pop vocals. The music from the show itself is not very special in the slightest and I found myself not paying much attention to it while watching.

It is hard for me to reminisce about this show without some fascination about it. I found myself intrigued with the possibility of ecchi anime like Shimoneta existing more often, if this ever becomes a big hit in the future, after watching it. Not just in how balls to the wall it is with its subject matter and jokes, but how it can offer a witty way of implementing a theme that is synonymous with sexual aspects of real life. Ecchi, of course, is here to give us some sexual gratification to hone our skills of being lewd in real life. It feels welcoming to see an anime like Shimoneta to prove that it can be more than that in more ways than one.

Grade: A-


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